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We believe that the profitability and the productivity of our clients rest on the quality of their staff. We love to deploy our core competency, recruitment, to recruiting skilled staff for them. We offer our services in two specific areas of recruitment: permanent staffing solutions and technology enabled interviews.

Permanent Staffing Solutions

Permanent Staffing Solutions For Quick Ramp Up

As the demand for skilled professionals increases exponentially across the globe, especially in the Information Technology domain, organizations benefit a lot by outsourcing recruitment. It is better for them to invest their energy and resources in to their core business, while we invest time, money, and efforts to find the rightly skilled resources for them. While our clients also save costs on recruitment platforms and tools, we supplement our strategic headhunting goals with tools such as a comprehensive candidate database, skill analytics and mapping, and detailed reports. We reduce project or product delays because we can spot the perfect candidate when we see one. Whether we recruit in bulk or fill a few job openings, we assure that we will give our full attention in charting the best recruitment strategy to find the right candidates in the shortest turnaround time cost-effectively.

Technology-Enabled Interviews For Accurate and Quick Recruitment

Video interviewing has become intelligent; thanks to AI technologies, our clients can remotely and asynchronously interview candidates and analyze their facial expressions, personality, and intonations. The automated technology adds its own notes on the interviewed candidate’s EQ, psycholinguistics, and relevance. These notes and the video recording of the interview will be available to our clients for a period of time for reference and reviews. While the technology automatically screens and selects relevant candidates, our clients can view the live or recorded interview, and push them to the final round with minimal intervention. As the interviews are conducted remotely, candidates from any part of the world can be interviewed, thereby widening the resource pool available to our clients. By using this method, we have experienced a significant 60% reduction in the turnaround time and the time spent on screening resumes and applications.

Technology-Enabled Interviews